Benvenuti! Welcome!

Born of the spirit of adventure that characterized the life and times of the Italian explorer Giovanni Caboto, Centro Caboto stands as the tangible realization of a long held dream, arduous commitment and supportive endeavours.

Truthful to its mission, “the centro provides people of all ages and cultures with a meeting place and activity centro to celebrate and embrace Italian Culture and lifestyle, today and into the future.”

Centro Caboto centro is a non-profit organization managed by an independent Board of Directors under the auspices of the Italian Canadian League of Manitoba.

Features and Services

Catering Service : In the timeless tradition of Italian hospitality, the centro features spaces for social and business events.

Café 13 : COMING SOON! Our spacious Italian-style café is undergoing construction and will open soon with a fresh new look!

Educational and Recreational Services: The centro offers a variety of programs and seminars that explore a broad range of interests for all.

Resource centre: Boasting a 13 foot ceiling and lots of natural light, the Resource centro offers a great place to study or work.